It’s no secret that recruitment is challenging. And it’s as important as it is difficult. With various studies highlighting the cost of a bad hire, it’s critical—not just to your performance as a recruiter but to the success of your entire company—that you get it right. So it’s important to dig your well before your thirsty. That means building a pool of talented candidates before you need them.

Successful use of tools like these requires thinking about what sort of candidates you’re looking for and beginning to build a database of potential fits (even when you’re not hiring). But it can be well worth the extra effort.For example, suppose a company has an important employee leave abruptly. If they have to start from scratch, it could take a quite a long time to find the right employee and onboard them. On the other hand, if the company has been proactive in nurturing a candidate pool, they can quickly generate a shortlist of candidates to invite for interviews.

And so, if your company has a steady flow of employees, or you are a company that provides job candidates to other companies, this is the right tool for you. ELECTIO, has options for filtering candidates according to a number of criteria, also warns you about upcoming or unfinished tasks, gives you insight into the effectiveness of all members thereby, etc., etc.

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