The connector is CRM made in technology and is intended for frequent contact with clients on any basis in a time interval. It is a web application that you can access from any device.

The database is made in MYSQL and is currently one of the fastest on the market.

The connector simply monitors your tasks, thinks for you and warns you what to do and when. It also monitors all your communication with the client, which you can review and remind your self at any time in order to be better prepared for the meeting.

It also tracks all your emails, which you can view in one place, allows you to upload documents to the client’s file, such as contracts, etc. Your tasks can be taken over by your colleague at any time in case you are prevented from doing the same or do not have time.

The program also keeps statistics of emails, efficiency of all employees, keeps records of assignments of all employees and displays all this data in graphs that can be viewed in one place.